Veteran-Owned IT Staffing: TCM’s Focus on Military Veteran Hiring Pays Off

Veteran-Owned IT Staffing: TCM's Core Identity and Strength

TCM: Leading the Charge in Veteran-Owned IT Staffing

Since its foundation in 1980, TCM, a respected veteran-owned IT staffing firm, has developed a unique company culture deeply anchored in the values of its CEO, John Danieli, a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran during the Vietnam Conflict.

Our Services and Commitment

TCM’s dedication to these values has driven us to deliver superior national technology, engineering, and professional staffing and workforce services to Fortune 1000 companies and public sector State and Federal Government agencies across the United States.

Recognition and High-Level Clearance

Demonstrating our profound commitment to the veteran community, TCM has been NVBDC certified as a veteran-owned diversity business. Furthermore, we possess the highest allowable Defense Department Facility Clearance, which enables us to place consultants in government agencies and companies requiring these clearances.

Significant Milestones

The year 2020 marked a significant milestone for TCM. We celebrated 40 years of successful business operations and became a part of the Veterans on Wall Street (VOWS) initiative, dedicated to empowering former and active military personnel with career opportunities in the banking and financial services industries. Our robust business performance and client growth continued into 2021 and beyond.

Veterans at the Core of Our Operations

Veterans are an integral part of our workforce, representing 8% to 10% of TCM’s total annual deployment of consultants and core full-time employees. These individuals serve Fortune 1000 companies in various sectors, including aerospace and defense, state and federal government, banking and financial services, manufacturing, electronics, professional services, and technology solutions.

Our Winning Strategy

Since 2015, we have successfully deployed over 700 veterans on assignments across the U.S. Our success stems from a deep understanding of veterans’ career goals, core skills, and strengths, aligning them with fitting job opportunities within our client base. To continue building our base of veteran candidates, we have invested millions of dollars in cutting-edge search, data analytics, and social networking technologies and have built a strong referral network.

Diverse Roles for Veteran Consultants at TCM

Veteran consultants at TCM take on a broad array of roles, such as Manufacturing Engineer, Test Engineer, Incident Response Analyst, InfoSec Analyst, Oracle DBA, Solution Architect, .NET Programmer, Business Analyst, BI Dashboard Developer, Software Engineer, and more. These assignments typically last ten months and often lead to opportunities for full-time employment or additional contract-based roles.

TCM: More Than Just a Staffing Firm

TCM offers more than just staffing services. We provide comprehensive workforce solutions across technology, engineering, professional, and light industrial labor categories. Our services include staff augmentation, surge staffing and deployment, direct hire, and conversion services, project team staffing solutions, and SOW-based project solutions.

Our Legacy and Future

We pioneered the industry’s first centralized recruitment and national delivery model in 1980, exceeding the expectations of our national clients. This model remains the gold standard for superior client delivery across the U.S. today. As a privately held, 100% U.S.-focused firm, TCM serves clients in all 50 states from our headquarters in Norwell, MA.

Contact Us

To learn more about our company and our commitment to veteran employment, please get in touch with Ed Gregory, TCM’s Executive Vice President, at 781-709-4490 or egregory@tcml.com. Visit our websites at www.tcml.com or www.itstaffing.com. Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook for the latest updates.

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