Why Employers Need Staffing Agencies

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When it’s time to hire new staff, companies either have their own HR personnel do the job or contract it out to a staffing agency. If you’ve never used a staffing agency before, you may be wondering about the benefits of working with a staffing agency to fill out your workforce.

The benefits of using staffing agencies often outweigh the negatives. Here are three of the main ones.

1. Save Time

One of the undisputed benefits of working with a staffing agency is how much time it will save you. Even if you have a dedicated HR department in charge of such things, they still have other responsibilities, too. If you don’t have an HR team, it can be a major headache.

Even if you use job board sites, weeding through all the resumes you get can be an interminable task. Then there are the multiple waves of interviews you need to put potential employees through, background checks to complete and references to call. And after all that, they might not even take the job!

A good staffing agency takes care of all that for you. Just tell them what you want in a new hire, and they’ll find the perfect person for your company right away.

2. Choose From Qualified Candidates

You can only tell so much from a resume, and going through job boards doesn’t always get you the cream of the crop. The right staffing agency will have a huge network of highly qualified applicants to consider. Their job is to find the most qualified person who is also the best fit for the specific position you have available.

3. Find the Right Kind of Employee

There are three different types of employees you might be looking to hire:

  • Short-Term Contractors: When you need someone to fill in for a full-time employee or provide extra help for a specific project
  • Direct Hires: When you want to hire for long-term employment
  • Contract-to-Hire: When you want to hire someone for a contract position that could potentially transition to full-time

A staffing agency will have already classified the employees into these types and will provide you with the person who is looking for the type of job you have to offer. If you try hiring yourself, there’s a better chance there will be some confusion as to whether you and your new hire have the same long-term goals.

The Benefits of a Staffing Agency for IT

Professional staffing is even more important for IT. There are many different jobs in an IT environment, often highly specialized jobs, and it is crucial that the person you get to fill your position is one who you can be confident is the right fit.

Working with The Computer Merchant is the smart move whenever you need a new IT professional. We have a huge network of qualified IT experts that has helped us build a technical database of more than 10 million unique consultant profiles and growing. If we can’t find you the IT person you’re looking for, they don’t exist.

Need A Technology Staffing Agency? Contact The Computer Merchant

To find out more about how we can efficiently and match you with the right IT pro for contract, contract-to-hire or full-time employment, contact The Computer Merchant today. Call (800) 617-6172 for one of our representatives to assist you.

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