Top Reasons to Use IT Staffing Agencies for your Hiring Needs

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In 2015, as much as 59% of companies with 25 or more employees cited finding good employees as their top reason for using an IT staffing agency. Other key reasons included lowering costs and filling positions quickly.

In talking with our clients, here is a more detailed list of reasons why they return to us time and again, to fill temporary as well as permanent IT positions.


The Strengths of Computer Staffing Agencies

Unlike corporate recruiters,  IT staffing agencies have a strong and direct financial incentive to find and submit only candidates with the best shot of securing an employment offer; they make money on results, not effort. Throwing weak candidates at a client will only waste their (and everyone else’s!) time and likely cost them the chance to successfully place a candidate. The goal for the staffing agency recruiter is to tap into his or her vast network of proven talent to efficiently find and provide only the strongest candidates to their client.

Try Before You Buy

The best IT staffing agencies provide their clients with a reasonable money-back-guarantee period to try out a new hire. If the client is not satisfied with the quality of work provided, they are free to terminate the arrangement with no financial cost to them. Trying out an employee is also an excellent way to convert only the best talent to permanent hires, thereby avoiding the costs associated with replacing a bad hire.


Minimum Overhead

What most people fail to realize, even HR departments at many organizations, is the substantial cost above standard overhead (insurance and other benefits, etc.) associated with employees. Most of these extra costs are assumed by the staffing agency if the company hires only temporary – as opposed to permanent — employees. For temporary employees, the staffing agency assumes the cost of providing standard benefits as well as the costs associated with drug and background screenings, processing payroll and paying associated federal, state and local taxes.

Zero Compliance Risk

In addition to assuming the overhead cost of employees, IT staffing agencies also assume the costs and risks of staying on the right side of the various federal, state, local and client compliance requirements. This is an especially crucial element for corporations that operate in multiple governmental jurisdictions since government requirements can vary greatly from state to state.


IT staffing agencies are in the business of finding the best available employees for their clients. A natural outcome of this singular purpose, at least for the best IT staffing companies, is the accumulation of vast networks of active and passive IT talent, covering skills from legacy to cutting-edge technology. The benefit for the client is fast access to a pool of qualified candidates not readily available to recruiters within the client’s organization. Requirements are filled effectively and efficiently.

The Computer Merchant, Ltd.

At the Computer Merchant, Ltd., our team of expert IT recruiters utilize a state-of-the-art candidate sourcing engine to search our database of over 13 million IT talent for active job seekers, and our deep networks of passive, pre-qualified and proven technology professionals with the experience and skills demanded by our clients.

Our proprietary consultant onboarding, assignment management and compliance monitoring and enforcement systems has been praised by both clients and contractors for its efficiency and accuracy in getting new hires to work and keeping both clients and their employees informed throughout the life of an assignment.

We provide our clients an 80-hour guarantee on all hires. We can do this because we provide the best available candidates anywhere in the U.S.

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