How to Bid and Win in the Federal Government IT Space

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When it comes to clients, they don’t come any bigger, secure or more committed to spending money than the federal government. For that reason alone, many IT products and services companies compete for a slice of the approximately $400 billion per year federal government marketplace.

But what does it take to win in this space? Well, for one thing it helps to be well established with a proven track record of delivering excellent products and services in the federal market. For young or small companies, a proven track record takes time to establish, effectively lowering their effectiveness in competing with bigger, more established firms.

You can shift that balance of power in your favor by partnering with an IT staffing agency that is already established in the federal marketplace. Even for larger companies, the benefit of working with a government IT staffing company during the pre or post-award stage is invaluable.


An IT staffing agency with strong federal government experience can help you strengthen your bid during the procurement process and better position you to win by providing access to an experienced workforce. When bidding on a Department of Defense (DoD) contract, work with an agency that already has the relevant experience to deliver across all DoD agencies.


It is one thing to win a government bid and quite another to effectively deliver in time and on budget. An IT staffing company can be invaluable at this stage as well by helping you assemble strong functional and technical teams for every facet of your project. Good IT staffing companies are already adept at vetting their employees through thorough background investigations, and finding the best IT talent with the relevant skills experiences to fill key technology roles. Staffing companies can provide accounting and billing that meet exact government rules and ensure that you are compliant with the myriad rules and regulations involved in working with the government.

TCM & Federal Government IT Staffing

With nearly 40 years of IT staffing delivery experience and thousands of government IT consultants deployed at over 30 federal agencies, TCM offers significant value to our partners and will do the same for you, by filling job openings in federal government IT with qualified candidates.

We will never compete with you on federal projects but will augment your efforts to win, and deliver the highest caliber IT professionals to ensure your success. We will also mirror critical on and off-boarding procedures and compliance policies and ensure the completion and success of each consultant assignment.

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