So You Want To Be A Web Developer?

So You Want To Be A Web Developer?

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in web development, listen up. If you want a job that encourages creativity, lets you work independently (maybe even from home), and is one of the hottest jobs on the market right now, web development might be a good fit for you. Why is being a web developer such a hot job right now? Web developers deal heavily in user experience, or how consumers feel about the easiness or pleasantness of products they use. The value we place on consumerism has fueled an increased need for professionals that work to create a better user experience.

The digital world we live in relies heavily on a good user experience, which means we have an increased need for quality web developers. Companies are placing a greater emphasis on user experience to benefit their customers, and deliver consistent results for their business.

Job Growth

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that the need for web developers will increase 27% by 2024. For professionals looking to create digital magic, that’s good news. That amount of job growth shows incredible job stability, and is encouraging to anyone looking into web development.


Glassdoor reports a salary range for web developers between $56,000 and $128,000 annually, with the average salary being about $88,000. As the need for better web developers increases, and the competitive field grows, many believe this number will go up even more.

Skills and Education

Many people believe that having a degree in computer science or a similar field is not as important today as it was a few years ago. There are a lot of available programs online that can teach you the basics of web development and get you started without having to attend college. The important thing to remember is that, the more you know, the better you’ll be and the more you can make. While having an education might not be essential to being a web developer, it sure will make you more competitive than others in your field who chose not to attend college.

If you’re just getting started as a web developer, it’s important that you’re familiar with a few different programming languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. You’ll also want to be familiar with web design applications, Photoshop, version control, and cross-browser compatibility.

It’s important that you have your own portfolio of completed projects and ideas so you can showcase your work to potential employers. If you’re new to web development, pick up what you can and save all your old work. This will show your marked improvement over time, and give hiring managers something to go off of when they interview you. The best place to host this portfolio is a custom website. Having your own website serves to showcase your work, and can also show your skill as a web developer.

Any job that involves technology is constantly changing. It’s important that you stay on top of the changes. Being the best web developer involves knowing how to use cutting edge tech, and being able to showcase that could mean the difference between having and not having a job. You can work on constantly refining your skills by doing pro-bono or freelance work. This will also give you a variety of projects to be involved in.

Work-Life Balance

One of the biggest appeals to being a web developer, is the work-life balance that many people experience. Glassdoor published a list of the 25 best jobs for work-life balance, and being a web designer falls in the top 10. They also published a list of jobs with the biggest pay raises and being a web developer is on that list too.

Because so much of what web developers do is done from the computer, many web developers are able to have a relaxed work schedule. With the flexibility to work from home, or really anywhere you have access to a computer, web development is a very attractive job that suits a variety of lifestyles.

Web developers have become the masters of user experience. Every time you open a browser, play a game, or run an app online, web developers are responsible for your entire online experience. Come join the ranks of web developers and help customize the online user experience. Contact us today or call (800) 617-6172 for one of our representatives to assist you. 

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