Top Reasons To Accept A Temporary Job

Getting a temp job is a step that some people may have reservations about. Some may fear that accepting a temporary job will get in the way of your search for full-time employment and leave you back where you started when the job ends. Others may think that temporary job holders do not get the same respect as full-time job holders, either in their current place of employment or to future potential employers.

In fact, there are several advantages of temporary employment that you may not have considered. There’s a reason that every week over 3 million temporary/contract employees work for staffing companies in the U.S. and that staffing companies hire close to 15 million of these employees each year. What are some good reasons to accept a temporary job?

Should I Accept a Temp Job?

So you have the opportunity to take a temp job. Maybe you weren’t looking for one, but one dropped in your lap. Or perhaps you applied just to test the market and got a bite. Either way, the question now becomes, should you accept the temp job? Some strong reasons to accept a temp job include:

  • It’s good for your resume: One of the worst things you may have to deal with when it comes to job seeking is gaps in your resume. If you spend six months without finding a job, even if it’s no fault of your own, potential employers will wonder why. Even if you end up working somewhere for just a few months, your resume will look a lot cleaner.
  • It’s good for your income: Yes, a temporary job may cut into your job-hunting time, but are you really spending that much time looking for a full-time job? Once you’ve sent out all the resumes and responded to all the job board alerts, there’s not much to do but sit around and worry about when your funds are going to run out. The temp job, even if it’s not exactly what you’re hoping for, can reduce some income stress and actually help you get more focused on finding that full-time position.
  • It can become a full-time job: There are a number of opportunities, many available through job placement agencies, that are known as temporary-to-FTE positions, meaning you work for a few months on a temporary basis, and if it’s a good fit, you will likely be converted to full-time employment. This can be a great pathway to a full-time job if you have been frustrated in your other efforts. In fact, one-third of temporary and contract workers are offered a permanent job where they are working on assignment, according to the American Staffing Association. But even if your temporary job doesn’t pay immediate dividends…
  • It can be a great networking opportunity: One of the reasons that you may be struggling to get a job is that many advertised jobs aren’t really as open as they appear. It is still a harsh reality that most job-seekers find their long-term, full-time jobs through friends or contacts. But where do you make those friends and contacts? A temp job can be the perfect way. Presumably, you will get a temp job in your area of expertise, and you will get to meet other professionals in this area. Even if you don’t immediately get a full-time job out of it, your name may come up down the road when the company is looking to staff or when one of your co-workers strikes out on their own and are looking for quality people to staff their own efforts.
  • It can help you learn more: If you work in a field that is rapidly evolving, like IT, spending a few months out of the workforce can leave you far behind. Even if you do your best to stay abreast of the latest developments, there is no substitute for actually working in the field with new technologies as they arise. Your temp job can help you make sure you stay current as well as help you learn new aspects of your career and develop new skill sets.
  • It can get you experience: Is lack of experience getting in the way of you getting the job you want? That old Catch-22 — you can’t get a job without experience and you can’t get experience without a job — still holds true for a lot of employers. Even if you have the education and the skills, many employers may not want to invest in someone for a full-time position unless they know that person will get the job done. If you’re a temporary hire, employers may be less wary of your inexperience. And, when the job ends, you’ll have some of that experience you so sorely need.
  • It lets you “try before you buy”: Many employers like to hire temporary-to-full-time employees so they can “try before they buy,” but this works both ways. You can find out if a job in the field that you are pursuing is really for you without making a long-term commitment.

All in all, accepting a temporary position can be a great career move for a multitude of reasons.

How Do I Get a Job Through a Temp Agency?

If you’ve decided that a temp job is right for you, but don’t know how to go about getting one, don’t worry. There are plenty of temp job agencies that can help. Search for a temp agency that specializes in placing people in the type of work you are skilled for. If you’re looking for an IT job, The Computer Merchant is the right choice. We are well-known for our ability to offer IT staffing and workforce solutions to companies all across the United States, including Fortune 500 companies.

We are experts at matching IT professionals with temporary jobs, full-time jobs and temporary-to-full-time positions. To get matched with a great IT position, check out our job board. Or if you’re looking to staff, contact The Computer Merchant today. Call (800) 617-6172 for one of our representatives to assist you.

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