Refer a Hiring Manager. Get Rewarded.

Think about where you’ve worked. Who do you know who is hiring IT consultants or direct hire staff? Do you know a hiring manager who has a need for consultants with superior technical qualifications? Do you have a colleague who has superior technical qualifications?

If so, TCM is pleased to offer a special referral bonus program for the referral of a consultant we hire or NEW Client Hiring Managers! If you provide the name and contact information of a consultant or hiring manger that TCM hasn’t worked with and TCM hires the consultant or places a consultant under that manager, you may be eligible for the Referral Bonus!

Here is how it works:
  • Provide the name, company and contact information of a New Client Hiring Manager* that you know who may want to utilize TCM’s staffing services! A New Client Hiring Manager is defined as a hiring manager within a company’s business unit, division or subsidiary where TCM has never placed a consultant (or at least not within the last 12 month period).
  • Based on the referral information provided, if TCM places a consultant with the referred hiring manager, you will receive one of the following referral bonuses, based on how many hours the consultant works. You may choose your bonus once the hourly threshold has been achieved (i.e. once 560 hours have been worked, you could choose the iPad Mini OR you could wait and determine if at least 640 or 720 hours are worked and have your choice from all the hourly thresholds).
    • At least 560 Hours: iPad Mini
    • At least 640 Hours: Choice of iPad or iPhone 6
    • At least 720 Hours: iPhone 6+
  • Please note:
    • The bonus will be awarded for the first consultant placed only, who meets one of the bonus thresholds.
    • TCM corporate personnel and their immediate family members are not eligible for this referral bonus.
    • All referrals must be authorized by a Vice President of Sales or the Executive Vice President of Sales.
Send us your Referral

To provide a referral, please call our hotline at 800-617-6172 and ask to be connected to a TCM representative, or send us a message at We will inform you via email that we have received your information and you will additionally be contacted should TCM place a consultant with the referred hiring manager. Thank you from the TCM Team!