TCM Managed Service Program (MSP)

TCM brings 15 years of hands-on experience and know-how, forged through managing two of the most demanding and successful MSP programs in the U.S., for two Fortune 500 companies. 

Our integrated Managed Service Program (MSP) solution attacks the entire contingent IT labor problem to ensure full end-to-end accountability for the procurement and deployment of all forms of contingent IT talent. This integrated approach and commitment also ensures the achievement of key outcomes and results for the client.    

The key elements of our solution include MSP program management, cutting edge enabling technology, best-in-class recruiting and delivery, transition of existing IT consultants and rigorous supplier management.  Our solution is fully optimized to deliver cost savings, streamlined processes, personalized service and strict program compliance. This solution leverages a highly skilled technical recruiting and delivery team, supported by a fully aligned network of suppliers, to meet the precise technical, operational and geographic criteria of the client.

We offer clients two distinct structural approaches to the MSP program design including the Vendor Neutral and Master Vendor approaches.   

The Vendor Neutral MSP Program is designed to simultaneously distribute job orders through the MSP or VMS to a number of specific and preferred suppliers. These suppliers are given an equal opportunity to fill each job order in a fully competitive process. 

The Master Vendor MSP Program engages TCM as both the Managed Service Provider (MSP) and the master/strategic supplier that recruits and delivers candidates to the client.This approach places full responsibility on us for the end-to-end performance and results of the contingent IT workforce program.

We can also design a tailored hybrid type program that leverages the unique strengths and benefits of both the structural program types based on specific client need.   One example of this is a vendor neutral approach employed in a specific client business unit, while simultaneously implementing a master vendor approach within the same client’s corporate environment or different business unit.

TCM employs a proven implementation methodology to ensure the successful deployment of each MSP. We work collaboratively with the client to determine the key project goals, success criteria and critical outcomes that must be achieved during implementation. We then develop and execute plan and ensure that key milestones and deliverables are achieved, and that ongoing project status and visibility is provided to the client. Call us at 800-617-6172

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