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In a recent article in the Boston Business Journal about the fastest growing occupations, this job struck us as pretty interesting and different. However, it really didn’t surprise us why this profession will grow so much through 2016 (almost 40% growth) . Look no further than Massachusetts alone, which is considering building three new casinos this year.

  • Occupation: Gaming Surveillance Officers and Gaming Investigators
  • Projected increase in 2016: 33.6 percent
  • Number employed in 2006: 9,000 Median pay in 2006: $30,470
  • Education/training: A certificate program is likely the highest level of education needed for this position. Training is often conducted in a casino-like atmosphere using surveillance equipment. Prior casino or security experience is preferred.

How is TCM getting in on the game? TCM recently began the process of applying for a non-gaming vendor license and registering with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. If approved, this license will allow TCM to try their hand at winning some of the IT business coming to town with the development of high end hotels and casinos. This project is expected to create close to 8,000 high-paying jobs (all levels/categories).

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