How To Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

Are you looking for a job? Is your current resume preventing you from getting noticed by potential employers? If you answered yes to either question, pay attention. Writing a cover letter to include with your resume and application could be the difference between getting p paycheck and unemployment.

Employee Retention: How To Keep Important Team Members

Employee retention is important to the survival of any company. Whenever an employee leaves, it costs the company in time, resources and morale. The manager has to find new talent, which costs time. They need to read cover letters, conduct interviews and compare interview notes, all of which require time and resources.

How Exactly do Staffing Agencies Work?

Staffing agencies provide a useful resource to employees and employers alike. Companies like the Computer Merchant offer specialized industry talent to IT companies nationwide. The only problem is that many IT companies do not fully understand what a staffing agency does and how their services can be helpful.