Top IT Staffing Trends for 2016

Posted on April 20, 2016

Intensified Competition for Best IT Talent

The Computer Merchant, Ltd. (Frank Anigbo)

Companies that have been in the IT staffing industry as long as a decade or more will tell you that shifts in staffing trends is akin to comparing whitecaps on a mildly windy day to today’s relentless monster tidal waves.

Driving this sea change in the IT staffing industry are changes in technology trends and significant challenges to delivering top IT talent quickly and competitively.

For 2016, here’s a short list of what we see as the top IT staffing trends based on conversations with industry experts, clients and observation.

Intensified Competition for the Best Talents

Though always true in any year, 2016 will see an intensified race to hire the best talents for hotly trending skillsets and industry knowledge. The demand for specialized skills and technologies associated with Cyber Security, Big Data, Data Visualization and Predictive Analytics will continue to accelerate, so will expertise in industries such as healthcare and retail information systems.

Technology and Industry Specialization

IT staffing firms will face an increased demand to specialize in certain technologies and industries, and shift significantly more resources to hiring passive candidates – those candidates not actively looking for a new gig – via social media platforms, rather than traditional resume banks.


Greater Emphasis on Work/Life Balance

We see more emphasis put on work/life balance in attracting the best talent. While traditional benefits like health insurance, vacation and bonuses will still carry sway, softer benefits such as flexible work hours will increasingly become key to attracting and retaining the best minds. And like a good real estate agent or entertainment talent manager, recruiters will find it increasingly beneficial to maintain almost a personal relationship with in-demand IT professionals.

Mobile-Responsive Application Process

To remain competitive, staffing companies must recognize the mobile-first nature of today’s workforce and provide mobile-responsive job application portals.

Shorter Hiring Process

It is a fact that the average number of days to onboard a new hire is now 63 days, compared with 21 five years ago. This is a result of more complex hiring practices and rules. What has not changed is the need to get a new hire up and running in as short a time as possible. For staffing firms, meeting the need for speed against the drag of regulation will require greater investment in leading edge systems and onboarding process efficiencies.

More Temporary Workers

We see companies increasing the ratio of temporary employees to permanent hires. In addition to cost savings, the driver of this trend is the complexity of managing the Affordable Health Care (ACA) reporting requirements. Rather than assume the burden for meeting this complex and evolving piece of important legislation, 2016 will see an increased shifting of the management and reporting responsibilities to staffing companies.

The Computer Merchant, Ltd.

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