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TCM publishes the TCM Navigator Newsletter every quarter to highlight current trends in the Information technology industry. We also take this opportunity to inform our clients and consultants on what’s happening at TCM.

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July 2017 | Volume 44

Treat Them Right – Staffing Industry Review

According to a recent Future Workplace and CareerArc Survey, 64% of workers said they were less likely to purchase goods and services from a potential employer who treated them poorly during the recruiting process. And in today’s hyper-connected society, one individual can broadcast a negative experience in real time to their networks, potentially causing significant damage to a brand.

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April 2017 | Volume 43

37% of IT pros to look for new jobs in 2017

If your IT department isn’t already worried about staff retention, some new stats might change that. A new poll finds 37% of IT pros plan to begin searching for a new employer in 2017, and 26% plan to accept a new job.

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January 2017 | Volume 42

New Tech Jobs in Top Demand in 2017 

The technology sector isn’t just expanding, it’s exploding. Thanks to the development of new technologies like cognitive computing, virtual and augmented reality and the Internet of Things (IoT), the technology industry is experiencing massive job demand and growth.

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