Hitting it Out of the Park!! Rob McClure, TCM Technical Recruiter

A note to Rob McClure from a recently placed consultant at a client site, “Thank you, Rob. I can tell you are an expert at your job! You are always very kind and patient. We stressed out candidates need someone like you!”

A note to Mike Foley (Director of Recruiting), about Rob McClure, from a recently placed consultant.

“Hello, Mr. Foley: I wanted to say hello to you and let you know how much I have appreciated working with one of your employees–Rob McClure.  Rob has been outstanding to work with in every way. I have been unemployed since late January (!) and have been beyond frustrated with this current job market. Working with Rob has been a rewarding breath of fresh air, reaffirming my faith in the job market. Rob contacted me on 9/2/14 regarding a position he wanted to discuss. He has been informative, helpful and stayed in constant communication since that day. He immediately assisted with a phone interview with the Hiring Manager as well as 2 additional employees. Additionally, he provided me an optional position for us to discuss as well.  I’ve been fortunate to work with him as he has kept this process moving forward towards not only the phone interviews but in-person interviews quickly and consistently. It’s been such a pleasure to work with Rob in this very tough/competitive market, of which I am sure you are more than aware in the type of business you are in!  As Rob’s Supervisor/Manager, I wanted to extend my appreciation to you as I feel folks your type of role need to know how others’ feel about the excellent service their employees are providing. This is especially if they are exceeding expectations, as Rob has!”

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