Do I have to pay a fee to The Computer Merchant?

No, there is never any charge to candidates. Our fees are client paid and a candidate pays nothing to be represented by us.

What should I expect after I have submitted my resume to a job posting on the web?

Once you have successfully uploaded your resume in response to an open job number, based on your qualifications a recruiter will contact you. In addition, we will retain your information for future opportunities in our National CRM database where we maintain your profile and resume. It is important that your contact information is updated and your resume contains your most recent work history with TCM. We prefer that when you submit your resume to us for consideration that it is uploaded in MS Word format. Each time that you see a position with TCM that you feel you are qualified for, be proactive and contact the recruiter – this will help us help you.

Does TCM offer only contract jobs?

TCM offers a variety of career opportunities from contract assignments, contract-to-direct hire and direct hire. Those employment options are always predicated on our customer’s workforce planning requirements and change daily. Be sure to discuss with your recruiter during your initial consultation and qualification call the type of employment you are most interested in.

What kinds of firms use the services of The Computer Merchant?

TCM’s clients are represented by Technologists we have placed at Fortune 1000, mid-to-small/medium-size businesses, as well as federal/DOD, state and local government clients. We have people working within all industries across the entire spectrum of Information Technology and Software Engineering professions.

How long will it take to place me in a position?

It depends on the staffing requirements of our customers, as well as your marketability, including your skills, availability, flexibility, compensation requirements, geographic preferences, and cultural/environmental match for both you and what our customer deems important for the best fit. You could be placed immediately or it may take some time in order for TCM to find the best match for you.

What dress code should I plan for my interview?

We will tell you the dress code related to each specific customer interview or assignment. Here are some basic guidelines listed below. However, when in doubt, call your Computer Merchant representative.

Dress Code


Business Casual



Pant or skirt suit with blouse and jacket, stockings and close-toed shoes.

Slacks with a blouse or a dress.

Jeans may be acceptable, but no cut-off shirts or bare midriffs, and no torn jeans or t-shirts with inappropriate material printed on them (such as beer ads).


Pants, button-down shirt and tie. Your recruiter will tell you if a jacket is required.

Slacks or khakis with a collared shirt.

Jeans may be acceptable, but no cut-off shirts or bare midriffs, and no torn jeans or t-shirts with inappropriate material printed on them (such as beer ads).

What if I’m running late, can’t make it to my interview or assignment, or need some time off, who do I call?

If you are unable to make it to an assignment, interview or are running late, please contact The Computer Merchant immediately and speak with the Account Executive or Recruiter you are working with as soon as you know your situation has changed.

What if they ask me to perform duties outside the scope of the contract assignment I was contracted to do or work more hours per day/week than originally stated on my signed TCM Agreement?

Please call your TCM representative to share any concerns that you have. If the additional duties and/or the total number of hours you are asked to work weekly are beyond the original scope of the agreement you signed, you must contact us immediately for further guidance.

If I have a problem on the job, who do I talk to about it?

Please call your TCM representative immediately. Any time you are on a contract assignment or contract-to-hire position, The Computer Merchant is considered your employer until the time that the company decides to hire you. All communication regarding issues on the job or other related matters must be brought to the attention of The Computer Merchant and not to the client contact.

What if a long-term position becomes available at the company I’m assigned to or they tell me they are interested in bringing me on as a core employee? Who do I contact if I am interested?

Always contact your TCM representative. He or she will make sure that the client knows you are interested in the position and handle other aspects relevant to making it a smooth process for you.

When can the client hire me onto their payroll if that becomes an option?

The terms of TCM’s Agreements with our clients regarding hiring contract and contract-to-hire candidates may vary from client to client. Please consult your TCM representative for information on your specific assignment.

When do I start my assignment?

Your start date will be confirmed by your Account Executive who will also provide any necessary “first day” orientation information and instructions.

My friend/colleague is interested in working with TCM. Is there a referral bonus?

TCM has bonus programs to encourage and recognize referrals – see candidate referral form.Direct Hire/Permanent Placement:

  • A referral bonus of $750 will be paid to the sponsor of a full-time placement candidate (payment will be issued when the placement has successfully completed the guarantee period and payment of the full net fee has been received).

Contract Employee or Subcontractor Referral:

  • A referral bonus of $250 will be paid to the sponsor of a new TCM consultant (W2 or corp-to-corp) upon completion of the first 320 hours of work by the new consultant, and a second referral bonus of $250 will be paid upon completion of 640 hours of work.