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TCM has deployed thousands of IT engineers at Aerospace and Defense firms to work on projects that vary from fighter aircraft systems management to nuclear submarines and NASA’s space exploration systems.

We place qualified candidates to fill job openings in IT positions in engineering environments. The Computer Merchant has the highest level clearance with the Department of Defense and deployed over 3,000 federal consultants in 2014 alone. We have a 38 year track record of powering Global 1000 clients and partners and is annually ranked by the Boston Business Journal among the Area’s Largest IT Staffing Firms.

We Understand Your Engineering IT Services Needs

While just about every company in every industry needs some kind of IT presence these days, there are very few industries whose business is as intertwined with IT as engineering. Digital software is a critical aid in design, analysis, gathering and interpreting data and just about every other phase of an engineering project. This is true whether you’re engaged in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace or other engineering sectors.

What all this means is that if you’re an engineering firm, you cannot afford to hire employees who do not understand the kind of software programs and digital applications your specific area of engineering works with. You also can’t afford to wait while your staffing department hunts around for the right candidates who fit your needs precisely.

You need your IT set up correctly the first time, and if something goes wrong, you need someone who knows how to fix it the right way — and fast. That’s why for IT engineering staffing services, you need The Computer Merchant.

For nearly 40 years, TCM has been learning the IT staffing needs of a wide variety of industries, including engineering industries. Some of the biggest companies in the world, including Fortune 1000 companies, turn to TCM whenever they have staffing needs. These are businesses at the top of their market in areas like finance, life sciences, healthcare and engineering. If they trust us to staff their companies properly, you know you can, too.

TCM has established long-term relationships with some of the biggest and best known firms in the US as the go-to staffing company for top-flight IT professionals on the cutting edge of technology and specific industry experience.

Aerospace Engineer Staffing, Electrical Engineering Staffing and Mechanical Engineering Staffing for IT

Other engineering staffing agencies may be able to offer you IT professionals who understand one sector of IT, but TCM can staff your engineering firm with IT experts no matter what type of engineering your business specializes in.

Our functional professionals are experts in Business Systems Analysis, Business Process Re-Engineering, Data Warehouse Architecture, Enterprise Software Application Development and Support, Enterprise Infrastructure Development and Support, Project and Program Management, Help Desk, Quality Assurance and Testing, Security, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Risk Mitigation. We also provide Technical Writing, Documentation and Training services.

How are we so confident we can provide you with the right workforce solutions over such a wide range of engineering needs? Because we have invested millions in innovative technology and AI to make sure we can do just that.

Our centralizing recruiting and national delivery system is the first of its kind and the envy of staffing agencies everywhere. Our database consists of millions of IT professional profiles and is growing by thousands every month, which means we have a huge pool to draw from to meet your specific mechanical, electrical or aerospace engineering IT staffing needs.

or your convenience, you have three staffing options to choose from. Each of our IT professionals is backed with an 80-hour performance guarantee:

  • Contract Staffing: Hire a contractor when you’re setting up a network, new software program or new project but don’t necessarily need or want a permanent hire right now.
  • Contract-to-Hire: When you’re not sure what your long-term needs will be, but you know you need good people immediately, this is the staffing option for you.
  • Direct Hire: Our direct hire services are for when you’re looking to build your team and need the perfect IT professional for a full-time position. We’ll ensure your hiring team makes the right choice.

Your IT staff are too essential to leave to chance. Let us help you hire the best. Get in touch with The Computer Merchant today.

To read what our clients think of us, check out our Testimonials page. Call us at 800-617-6172.

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