In the wake of COVID-19, companies may be wondering how to navigate operations during this unprecedented time. Many Americans are working from home and are now dealing with various complications, from childcare to cybersecurity threats. As homes turn into offices, more people have become vulnerable, and security threats are surfacing with scammers using COVID-19 to prey on targets. For many organizations, the standard security measures are no longer enough to adequately protect a fully remote staff.

At The Computer Merchant, Ltd., we can help with your organization’s response to COVID-19 and ensure your company remains secure. If you are looking to hire an IT professional who can handle these unique challenges, look no further than our team at TCM.

How Working Remotely Has Changed the IT Landscape

More people than ever are working from home in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. As a result, security threats have increased as scammers try to take advantage of these workers. This work-from-home shift has also prompted many businesses to make IT infrastructure changes, like moving to Cloud computing.

1. Security Threats While Working From Home

Security threats can compromise your staff’s and organization’s data. While working from home, your staff may deal with the following security threats:

  • Privacy threats due to physical location: When employees work from home, their family members may overhear private information. An expert IT professional can help your organization create policies that will keep your company data secure in home environments.
  • Weaponized information: Malicious mobile apps have been created to pose as legitimate websites that supply information about COVID-19 to the public, much like the World Health Organization or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention do. Once a malicious application is installed, it may steal sensitive data. An IT professional can inform your staff about these malicious mobile applications and how to avoid them.
  • Mobile phone threats: Mobile phones are a widespread platform in our lives, and employees may use their phones as they learn new applications and devices when working from home. Cybercriminals may target employee cellphones to conduct identity theft and then move on to targeting other devices. An IT professional can help your staff prevent mobile phone threats.
  • Hackers manipulating VPNs: Many organizations have grown to rely on virtual private networks to extend encrypted networks to staff members’ homes. Unfortunately, many home networks are already compromised by malware, and VPNs can also have vulnerabilities. As such, it is crucial during this time to have an experienced IT professional on your team who understand VPNs.

2. IT Infrastructure Challenges and Shifts to the Cloud

Due to IT infrastructure challenges, more organizations are shifting to Cloud computing. The Cloud has enabled businesses to quickly apply solutions in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Online collaboration and productivity tool providers are seeing a massive uptick in usage around the world, which has also led to a demand for the Cloud’s infrastructure services. Our IT staffing agency can help your organization make shifts to the Cloud to accommodate new challenges and support your new workflow.

We Can Connect Your Organization With Skilled IT Professionals

Cybersecurity is essential for employees working from home. Our services at TCM include cybersecurity staffing, healthcare IT staffing, Cloud computing staffing solutions and government staffing solutions:

Cybersecurity Staffing

We can provide flexible cybersecurity staffing solutions at TCM that include direct hire, contract employees and contract-to-hire options:

  • Direct hire: We can find you a long-term IT professional who can provide the experience and dedication your organization needs.
  • Contract-to-hire: If you believe your IT needs could change quickly, you may want to consider a contract-to-hire IT professional. With a high-quality hire, you will be satisfied with the IT professional’s work, and they can stay with your organization if you need them for the long term.
  • Contract employees: If you would prefer an IT professional who doesn’t have regular access to your cybersecurity package or your data, you may want a contract employee.

Healthcare IT Staffing

If you are looking for a healthcare IT staffing agency, look no further than TCM. We have more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare market, and our IT consultants can provide the healthcare IT services your organization needs during the COVID-19 crisis. We have deployed more than 2,150 healthcare IT consultants since 2007.

Cloud Computing Staffing Solutions

As we mentioned, COVID-19 and cloud computing services are linked. Smaller businesses and major corporations across multiple industries are looking for ways to integrate Cloud technology into their operations. At TCM, we have several Cloud computing services that are designed to implement cutting-edge and cost-effective innovation in your business.

Government Staffing Solutions

If you have been searching for IT staffing agencies for government jobs, TCM can help you. Over our 38-year track record, we have deployed thousands of IT consultants to more than 30 federal agencies. You can choose from three government IT staffing options — contract-to-hire, direct hire and contract staffing.

IT Professionals for Contact Tracing Services

At TCM, we have experience delivering skilled IT professionals to help with COVID-19 contact tracing. Hiring professionals for contract tracing is part of our contract staffing, which takes into consideration your budget.

For example, we know budgets are usually limited when it comes to local, state or federal jobs, which means you may not have the budget to hire a full-time employee. On top of the challenge of a limited budget, you may struggle to find a contractor who has the IT skills your organization needs. We can help you find a flexible IT professional who can handle contact tracing for your organization.

Are You an Employer Looking to Fill Open Positions?

The Computer Merchant, Ltd. was founded in 1980 and has become one of the largest and fastest-growing privately held IT staffing companies in the U.S. TCM is veteran-owned and a provider of workforce solutions and technology staffing services. As a cybersecurity IT staffing agency, we can help your organization navigate the challenges caused by COVID-19.

For 35 years, we have helped ensure the success of our clients’ internal IT initiatives by deploying IT consultants across 48 states. Our clients turn to us because they know we can help them strengthen their ability to meet variable resource demands, reduce operating costs and fill critical skills gaps. Our consultants will get the job done on time and within your budget.

During the last five years, TCM has successfully deployed more than 12,500 consultants on long-term assignments. We establish results-driven, lasting relationships to ensure client satisfaction. If your organization needs help from an IT professional during this unprecedented time, contact us today for the services you need.

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